Fundraise With Us

All of our programs are made possible by people like you who help raise funds and donations to keep this work going.

The success of our programs is greatly determined by the availability of funds to carry out workshops. As many of the programs are based in areas with few economic resources, they rely heavily on donations. There are many ways to help bring more workshops to more people:

Photo taken at a PLA presentation at the 2017 United Nations Permanent Indigenous Forum

Host a talk at your yearly meeting, school, church or community group.

Are you interested in having a Peacebuilding en Las Americas Representative talk to your community? Each year, PLA does a speaking tour in the United States to raise funds and awareness of the programs and their impact. We have people all over the United States who can talk about our programs. We also bring our National Country Coordinators to the States to discuss programs.

Contact our Coordinator to arrange a talk!

Become a Sustainer

One way to insure ongoing support is to become a sustainer by pledging to raise $500 annually to one of our programs!  Yearly Meeting, businesses, individuals, churches, school groups, or community groups are invited to partner with a specific program and fundraise each year to insure the ongoing success of this program.

For more information on adopting a program, contact our Coordinator! 

Host a “Benefit AVP Workshop” to Support Peacebuilding en Las Americas

Are you a Alternative to Violence Project (AVP) Facilitator interested in supporting our work? One excellent way to support our work is to do a workshop where all of the benefits go to support our program. This is a great way not only to help continue programs in Central America and Colombia, but create cross-cultural ties and help build our AVP family!

For more information, contact our Coordinator! 

Any Other Ideas?

We are always looking for new, creative ways to make our programs more sustainable and we would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us with ideas that you have whether it be from hosting a dinner in PLA’s honor to selling crafts.