Trauma Healing Workshop

Peacebuilding en Las Americas (PLA) also offers workshops modeled on the community-based trauma healing program called Healing and Rebuilding our Communities (HROC), which is done by our Friends Peace Teams partners in Africa. In 2007, a Colombian AVP facilitator went with two members of our PLA working group to Burundi to learn about the HROC program. The Burundians were thrilled to see that they had something of great value to offer people in other countries who have also experienced devastating violence.The Colombians implemented and spread these workshops to different regions of Colombia. In 2010 they shared what they learned in their own country with the Central American groups, who are also implementing these workshops in their communities.

The Trauma Healing Workshop utilizes the concept of Transforming Power as a healing tool. Through the community building activities and breathing-based relaxation exercises, participants learn the importance of self-care when dealing with their trauma. The workshop provides a sense of security and processing traumatic experiences.

– Developing a sense of security –

– self care –

– remembering, listening, processing loss –

– alternative ways to process loss –