AVP Training For Facilitator Workshop

Facilitator leads an Affirmation Exercise

This workshop is reserved for those who have completed a Basic and Advanced workshop and would like to become an active volunteer facilitators in their community. The theme of the Training for Facilitators Program is “Empowerment.” AVP’s goal is to empower individuals as facilitators and leaders. Since AVP is a program where learning takes place through experience, a T4F workshop should be designed to bring about the understanding of what it means to facilitate by having the participants experience facilitating in a supportive environment.

The Facilitating Team for a T4F workshop will:

  • Model the process of team work
  • Facilitate exercises and discussions of key facilitation skills;
  • Act as coaches and mentors as Practice Teams prepare their sessions;
  • Critique with acknowledgement and affirmation the Practice Teams’ practice session presentations.

A characteristic of AVP workshops is that the empowerment of the participants to take positive action in their personal lives is increased in each level of workshop. The T4F workshop is the first step in empowering potential AVP facilitators. It starts them on a journey as they continue their training and as they practice planning and facilitating workshops with the other members of their teams.

Four Honduran AVP Facilitators

The goals for participants in the Training for Trainers Workshop are:

1. Learn to work as an effective facilitating team member;

2. Learn to give and receive feedback;

3. Learn to personally communicate and give examples of the concept of Transforming Power

4. Conduct a practice session of a Basic AVP Workshop;

5. Practice skills as a facilitator: planning, presenting and processing;

6. Practice adapting exercises to meet special needs of facilitators and participants;

7. Practice skills in debriefing and processing learning activities and role plays;

8. Practice skills in teaching I Messages;

9. Begin the process of

  • Building sense of community in a workshop
  • Recognizing and working with group dynamics and responding to the group’s needs
  • Learning to deal with participants with difficult behaviors (if that arises)
  • Developing a personal commitment to walk the AVP talk
  • Developing the ability to work with everyone, to accept diversity, no matter the race, sex, age, or crime of the others
  • Developing self-confidence as a facilitator – begin the journey of empowerment