AVP Advanced Workshop

The AVP Advanced workshop focuses on the underlying causes of violence, both in ourselves and in the world we live in. After initial team building exercises, participants work together to choose a focus topic that they would like to address.

Taller Avanzado Colombia 2015 -02-1 - Version 2Focus topics include:

Fear — Reveals the hidden fears that usually underlie anger, jealousy and prejudice.

Anger — Results in a deeper understanding of the personal situations that trigger anger.

Power — (And powerlessness) Helps individuals understand power structures and get in touch with their inner power.

Communication — Develops the skills and the ability to communicate in tense and stressful situations.

Forgiveness — Builds the groundwork for true reconciliation and freedom from guilt.

Bias Awareness — Builds awareness of stereotyping, bias and prejudice in personal relations.

Racial Justice — Exploring the challenges people of color face.

Man-woman relationships — Explores issues of fear, anger, power and powerlessness.