Peacebuilding en Las Américas uses the international workshop curriculum of Alternative to Violence Project (AVP)

How does AVP work?img_6324

Participants complete a Basic Workshop then an Advanced Workshop before being trained as a Facilitator. Once completing the Facilitator Training, participants become an Apprentice Facilitator for the duration of three workshops where they co-facilitate workshops with more experienced Facilitators.

Participants can become Facilitators in just three workshops.

The workshops draw on the shared experience of participants, using interactive exercises, discussions, games and role-plays to examine the ways participants respond to situations where injustice, prejudice, frustration and anger can lead to violence. Typically, each workshop lasts 18–20 hours over a two or three-day period.

Basic       Advanced      Facilitator Training      Trauma Healing Workshop

The key features of AVP workshops:

  • Volunteerism: Participants and Facilitators are participating voluntarily
  • Teamwork: Several facilitators work together, non-hierarchically
  • Diversity: participants greatly range in age, culture, experiences, and interest
  • A safe learning environment
  • Reliance on Transforming Power
  • Experiential rather than conceptual focus
  • A holistic focus
  • Building community
  • Fun and laughter is an integral part of the workshop process
  • A varied pace, generally brisk, but with time for reflection
  • Feedback and Evaluation

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