We regularly accept volunteers for various roles within PLA.

Although many members of the Working Group are Quakers and decisions are guided by Quaker philosophy and practice, you do not have to be Quaker in order to volunteer. Many of our current volunteers are not Quaker.

The programs we run are non-denominational, although they are considered to have a spiritual element that participants connect with in their own ways, depending on their own religion or spiritual beliefs.

If you have any questions about volunteering, or if you have skills and interests that are not listed below, please contact the PLA Coordinator, Monica Maher at PLA@FriendsPeaceTeams.com.

Types of Volunteers

Working Group Member (minimum commitment of 1 year)

The Working Group (WG) governs the work of PLA. WG members are volunteers, and many of them live in the U.S. But since we use Skype and email to communicate regularly, you can be a WG member from anywhere in the world. **Spanish is not required for this role**

The members can accept any of the following roles or support activities:

  • Attend monthly meetings with PLA Coordinator and In-country Program Coordinators to review program activities and discuss administrative needs of PLA operations.
  • Help to write, review, and revise materials such as the annual report, fundraising letter, or website articles.
  • Serve as treasurer, clerk, or recorder for minutes for the monthly Working Group meetings by Skype.
  • Coordinate fundraising mailings
  • Review accounting and annual budget for individual country programs, and advise WG.
  • Review accounting for PLA and advise WG as it relates to finances, donations, and/or annual budget.
  • Support in-country Program Coordinators as a Country Liaison to understand their needs and circumstances in order to better inform the Working Group’s decisions.
  • Help schedule and promote speaking opportunities of WG members or international AVPers/partners.

Extended Service Volunteer (minimum commitment of 6 months – 1 year)

As an in-country volunteer, you can either be a national of one of the countries where we work (Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras), or you can be from another country. **Requires strong Spanish speaking skills**

Volunteers who are not nationals of the country where they want to work need to consider how they will cover the costs of their expenses for travel, food, and housing during their visit, as well as the visa requirements for the country.

PLA can offer ideas and materials for fundraising, if you choose to raise money for your expenses. We can also offer general suggestions for housing options and information about visa requirements. PLA can’t obtain a work visa for volunteers who are not nationals nor offer a stipend for expenses.

In-country volunteers are welcome to offer support in any of the following areas:

  • Support the Country Coordinator to complete the monthly, quarterly, and yearly accounting and reporting for the country program to the PLA Working Group.
  • Do outreach to community, church, NGO, and school groups to who want to receive AVP workshops
  • Facilitate AVP workshops.
  • Support in-country fundraising opportunities in coordination with the Country Coordinator
  • Support in-country partnerships with NGO’s where AVP workshops can be offered to staff in order to help build capacity for their work in at-risk communities.