Meet the courageous Tolupan women who talk about how the Alternatives to Violence Project  helped them stand up for their rights! VIDEO SUMMARY:  Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshops continue in Locomapa, Honduras with women of the Tolupan indigenous tribe whose ancestral territories have been invaded by transnational mining companies […]

Power of Indigenous Women: Defending Ancestral Lands

Since PLA’s founding in 2002, volunteers have been the lifeblood of our programs in Central America and Colombia. Volunteers have included bilingual facilitators, psychologists, translators, and dedicated Friends providing administrative support and funding. Although rehabilitation in prisons is required by Honduran law, prisons lack opportunities for positive activities. “Each person […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Coni Lustenberger

Listen to the song made by two inmate Alternative to Violence Program (AVP) Facilitators from the El Porvenir Prison in Atlantida, Honduras! (Scroll down to see Lyrics in English)  What are the conditions that these AVP Facilitators live in? Facilitator Ondina Murillo, who helped begin the program in the Prison, […]

AVP Song made by two Inmate Facilitators, Honduras